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Pantaloni per il trail, non troppo stretti, non troppo larghi.

Realizzato in VaporRize™, un tessuto elasticizzato a maglia per una perfetta gestione dell'umidità.

L'interno con fondello Body Geometry è removibile e leggero.

Due tasche con chiusura lampo.

Aperture per la ventilazione realizzate con il laser migliorano il comfort e non compromettono la resistenza.

Giro vita regolabile lateralmente.

Protezione UV 50+

13.5" inseam (size 34" waist) fall low around the knee for a roomy fit that leaves plenty of room for pads.

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Our new entry-level shorts are attractively priced and feature a regular, all-around fit. They’re ASSOS, so they use the exact same high quality materials and technologies as the higher levels. But they have a simpler construction, they’re more essential, though plenty good enough for most applications. T.NEOPRO is the spiritual successor of the Uno_s5, just better, offering less weight and more performance. Simply an amazing pair of shorts! You need them! When to use? For frequent riders, T.neoPro is ideally suited for your daily lunchtime ride or, if you are a young avid cyclist and new to ASSOS, these are the shorts you should start off with to enter the ASSOS total comfort univer